Custom Requests

D’cree Clothier is committed to classic, chic yet individual style. Many designs can be created to meet your needs. This includes the following as examples that can be customized:
– reversible styles

-Tie to bowtie conversions
– custom stripe patterns
– pointed ends on traditional bowties
– children requests
– requests for pets
– specific color needs
– particular fabric needs
– adjustable
– pre-tied and adjustable

All requests can be sent to OR simply initiate the process by completing either of the following surveys:

Custom Bowites and/or Neckties, lapels, and pocketsquares:

Custom Beads:

Once all requests have been agreed upon, custom can be selected under the particular category [bowties, lapel pins & pocket squares] with the number needed.

Note: Certain customization may incur additional fees.

Deposits: Should be made via  Deposits can be found on customer invoices.

Remaining Balances: Should be made via  Remaining balances can also be found on customer invoices.

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